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Team Size: 1

Role: Solo Developer

Dev Time: 3 Months
Published: December 12, 2020




The idea for 'Color Wheel came about in 2018 before I decided to formally learn about Game Design. Shortly after establishing a Game Design document I shelved the project; realizing that I didn't have enough experience to take the project to completion. I decided to revisit this idea two years later with a fresh pair of eyes and more experience making smaller games to see how this project will evolve after establishing a formal process for developing games. The first task was tackling the monster designs. 'Monsterdex' games regardless of genre, live and die by their roster of creatures. If Players' feel that the creatures are uninspired, lack identity and inconsistent, then they will lose interest and move on to something else. My early creature designs were rushed and didn't follow a ruleset to keep them consistent. When redesigning the old monsters, these were the rules I generally followed:

  • Colors must be 80% monochromatic

  • Emphasize soft shapes and wavy curves

  • Avoid anatomical detail (i.e rib lines, etc.)

  • Avoid designs such as patterns and textures.

When it came to UI/UX I cut down on the needless clutter and streamlined it to be decorative but with purpose. To ensure monsters of all colors are in the spotlight at all times, I restricted the color scheme of the UI to predominately greyscale. I broke that rule for the Logbook section because I wanted Players to feel a sense of warmth while they get to nickname their monsters and know more about them. It also provided a visual break from the clinical and cold atmosphere of the laboratory scene. 



The purpose of this project was to test my ability to a large cast of monsters at a consistent quality. If Players were captivated enough by the creature designs that they played through the entire game to discover them all- then I succeeded in what I set out to do. Designing 30+ monsters within a short period of time wasn't easy, but helped me refine my character creation process. 

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