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Team Size: 9

Role: Creature Artist

Dev Time: 3 Days
Published: January 3, 2020



'The Necrofixer' is a single-player, point and click simulation game that was created during the 2020 Global Game Jam. Following the theme of 'repair', you play as a shady business owner who modifies pet familiars to better suit the needs of their equally dubious owners.


I was tasked with designing and creating all the assets needed for players to modify the familiars of their customers. With the exception of the starting pets (the cat and the dragon), the assets were broken down into six parts:

  • The head

  • Forelegs

  • Back-legs

  • Tail

  • Wings (dragon)

I enjoyed getting creative with the transformation designs. The Cat and Dragon familiars were characters in their own right.

While designing the modifications, my thought process was, 'what would they look like if they had originally been this other species?' In this way, I created 10 characters whose parts can be swapped around.


If I were to do this project again, I would simplify my designs in order to make the visual creation process more efficient.

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